The Sunday Currently || 018


I thought January will never end! We made it through!



LISTEN – The silence in my room and my husband making noises in the kitchen.

THINKING – What to do in my life?!

SMELLING – Husband cooking for breakfast. Turkey bacon is 😋.

WISHING – For clearer state of mind. Lots of things going on.

HOPING – I will get through it ⬆️

WEARING- PJs forever!!!!!!!

LOVING – The cleansing balm from Farmacy. Got it from Sephora. Not sponsored. I wish

WANTING – I want to try the breakfast buffet in Hotel Del Rey.

NEEDING – A Pedicure!

FEELING – Hungry. Super hungry!!!!! I’ve decreased the amount of my food intake. I think this is the withdrawal symptoms. But I need to do something because, it’s not doing any good for my health.

CLICKING – Just the usual, YT and FB. I just activated my IG. I’ve been hanging out more on Tiktok, follow me @richcerv_ 😃

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