The Sunday Currently || 017


Happy new year! Better late than never lol.

READING – I’ve been reading comics from Webtoons. I’m hooked! So far I love reading True Beauty, Midnight Poppy Land and MDCBK. They have other good titles that are just too many to mention.

WRITING – Publishable? None at the moment. More on writing about my plans, ideas and other what nots that are intended for my eyes only. For now…

LISTEN – Rustle of papers. Joseph is cleaning up his work desk. I should follow suit 😅.

THINKING – Thinking of my future…sa mundo ng showbiz 😂🤣😂. Charot lang.

SMELLING – I’ve been ogling lately with Joseph’s smell 🤔.

WISHING – I have lots of money in my bank account…Aren’t we all wishing for that! 😅

HOPING – Taal Volcano will calm down. Hindi pa tapos January at hindi pa umiinit ang 2020 daming pasabog…Literally and figuratively.

WEARING- The most comfortable clothes in the planet…PJs 😁

LOVING – My Nintendo Switch! Regalo ni Joseph…Yiiihheeeee!

WANTING – The Prada bag that I wanted for ages!!!! Out of stock pa din 😓.

NEEDING – Pedicure! But I will just do it myself. Mina-marder nila hinlalaki ko 😏.

FEELING – Cold. I think this the coldest Sa Diego weather, that I’ve experienced.

CLICKING – Prada website! Just to get disappointed over and over again 😞.

How is you Sunday going? Tell me about it in the comment section ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

See yah!


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