35 Things I Learned in my Lifetime

Today is my birthday (November 30). Yehey!!!! Thank you God for the gift of life!!!!!

I’ve been thinking of doing this since last year and I’m now cramming it to finish before the day ends 😅. This points are just randomly typed, most of it are cliches but had been helpful on this journey called life. I also typed in Tagalog, I’m mainly relying on my thought process. So here goes…

  1. Patience is indeed a virtue.
  2. Do not give up. No matter how long it takes, it will be worth it someday. We all have our moment to shine.
  3. I find rejection as God’s protection. It’s also opens an opportunity better than what you are reeling for.
  4. Age is just a number especially when you moisturize and apply sunscreen.
  5. Happiness is a choice. Always choose it, no matter how painful. It will save you from cardiovascular diseases, pre-mature aging and stress.
  6. Self-awareness is the building block of success. When you know what you want and you know yourself, it will build the mindset that will shape you future.
  7. It doesn’t matter how much you bring home every payday. What matters is HOW MUCH YOU SAVE. Which leads me to…
  8. Spend/live within your means.
  9. Pay your loans on time.
  10. Great personality and a kind heart trumps the superficiality of the panglabas na anyo. I mean…
  11. Aanhin mo ang ganda kung pangit ang ugali mo at wala kang silbi. That’s why for me…
  12. Beauty is subjective.
  13. You don’t need everyone to like you or be friends with everyone because…
  14. You can’t please everybody. Kaya nga merong offended community.
  15. Health is wealth. Listen to your body. If you think something is wrong, have yourself checked. Make sure to do general check-ups. It will save you from expensive medical bills in the future. Prevention is better than cure.
  16. Do what you love. It will bring you places. Especially now at the advent of the internet. Having a great personality, skill/s, talent and just being yourself can make you a living.
  17. Always say thank you especially to people who deserve it.
  18. Be kind always. Pero minsan, pakiramdaman mo din kasi merong mga abusado.
  19. Madaming opinyon sa totoo lang. Because of differing perspectives, culture, upbringing etc. Pwede naman mag-agree to disagree…peacefully. Which brings me to ⬇️
  20. RESPECT. It is earned and a two way street. Hindi lahat kaya magbigay ng acceptance pero respetuhin natin ang desisyon at pananaw ng iba.
  21. Pag alam mong nasa tama ka, stand your ground. Pero
  22. Pag mali ka, admit to your mistakes. Apologize.
  23. Be humble. Although at times, it never hurts to flex your achievements. You worked hard for it.
  24. Learn from the mistake of others.
  25. People come and go especially with friendship. So…
  26. Learn how to let go, not matter how much it breaks your heart.
  27. Choose the right partner. He/She doesn’t have to be perfect because…
  28. Nobody’s perfect.
  29. The secret to life is giving. It doesn’t have to be about monetary donations (but it’s a good option) and such. It could be as simple as giving your time for free to serve the community, giving life and taking care of God’s creation etc. Anything na ginagawa mo na wala kang expectations, take my word for it, steady ang cashflow mo. I don’t know why, pero napansin ko yun especially nung magsimulang maghalaman ulit si Mommy many years ago.
  30. Life is a continuous learning process. It doesn’t end even if we are out of school.
  31. Simple lang ang buhay, sa totoo lang. Yung mga arte lang natin sa buhay ang nagpapakomplikado.
  32. Kung meron kang pinagdaanan. Daanan mo lang wag mong tambayan.
  33. Check on you friends from time to time. It never hurts na kumustahin nyo sila paminsan. Wag mo lang utangan o kaya irecruit sa MLM, kaya ka naba-block e.
  34. As consumers, we don’t need to swallow whatever is shoved down in our throat. Be vigilant.
  35. Never doubt your potential.

That’s it for now. I wanted to add more but I will save it for next time. Maybe 5 years from now, I’ll categorize this list. Some of you may not agree with me but let’s leave it at #19 and #20.


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