The Sunday Currently || 019


I’m tired. Of what specifically? Bullsh*t? Crap? I don’t know!

READING – None. Susko, let me just make time 😅

WRITING – This post 🤪. Maybe I should just go on a social media hiatus again. So I’ll have more time to think and de-clutter.

LISTEN – My husband’s snoring. He’s already asleep.

THINKING – What tomorrow would bring. Honestly, it gives me anxiety. I’m overthinking again.

SMELLING – My moisturizer. I just applied it, a few moments ago.

WISHING – I’m home for longer times.

HOPING – I can declutter stuff and give it away or sell it.

WEARING – My T-shirt and puruntong.

LOVING – I cooked Sushi bake today. It’s so delish 😍 but very filling 🤤.

Sushi bake

WANTING – To be at home more.

NEEDING – Eyebrow threading and hair cut. I need to make an appointment.

FEELING – Overwhelmed and bored at the same time. Is that even possible?

CLICKING – WordPress. It’s been a while.


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