About Me!



1. MOST OF MY FRIENDS CALL ME RICH. It’s a self-imposed nickname. I don’t have an “official” nickname growing up.

2. I LOVE EATING. Enough said.

3. I’M A NURSE BY DAY, DREAMER AT NIGHT. I’m a Registered Nurse by profession. I dream of becoming an ambassador of arts, travel, food and anything nice.

4. A LATE BLOOMER OF SORTS. There are things that I’ve found out later into my 20’s.

5. I’M AN EXPAT. After working in my homeland (Philippines), I decided to try my luck in another country Singapore. It may have given me lots of headache and heartache, I’m still glad I did it. I learned a lot about life while staying there. Then I migrated to the United States to be with Joseph.

6. I’M A MILITARY WIFE. Joseph is a retired US Navy.

7. BEFORE MARRYING JOSEPH, I BELONG TO A FAMILY OF SIX  + EXTENSIONS. Mom and Dad, KC, Cha, Toper. Extensions: Evil Kitty, Chihiro, Auey, Salem + the newborn kittens. Not to mention the pets in heaven.

8.  TOTALLY LOVING THE SO-CAL SUNSHINE. I’m currently loving the sweater weather here in San Diego. I’ve dreamed of layering my clothes since…forever!

9. I’M NO OOTD’er. I may love dressing up but, I don’t take pictures of it and post it online because I suck at it. Seriously! I leave it to the people who could actually make it work.

10. I’VE BEEN GUSHING ABOUT ARTS AND CRAFTS FOR THE LONGEST TIME. At first, I thought it wasn’t a valid feeling. But I have it in me, I just need to practice more of it. I’m trying to do painting ( watercolor and acrylic) and color doodles.

11. I LOVE TO CROCHET. I remember asking my mom to buy me a “kroshey” hook and yarn when I was 8 years old. I stopped for a while when I worked as a nurse. Now that I’m not so busy, I’m slowly getting back at it.