From Suntec to Bugis

I was finishing the filling up my first ever balikbayan box, I went to Suntec to scour RSH for Ipanema slippers (Note: Prices go as low as $5 for an Ipanema, especially on their last day of sale but I wasn\’t able to come. I\’m not even sure if they lowered it down to $5). Unfortuantely, my relatives\’ feet sizes are small from the available sizes (9 and 10). I stuck to the plan of going to Bugis if I come out empty handed. I  decided to walk since it was just a few meters away.
I\’m familiar with the place because my wedding venue is within the vicinity. I decided to stop by Subway for a quick bite. I was surprised that Subway is conjoined with a coffee shop. So far, its the biggest subway joint that I have ever been to.

The place inside is very spacious.
I\’m not adventurous to try coffee on that day. Though the siphoned coffee sounds interesting.  I\’m not sure if its connected to Oromo Coffee Company with a very good cause for making coffee. 
My usual $5 dollar combo: Cold Cut Trio
Why the face bebeh?!
After my meal, off I go to Bugis passing through Hotel Intercontinental. I noticed there\’s a newly opened store (I think?!) that sells asymmetrical designed clothes (meaning: weird and unique looking but looks awesome when I wear it hehehe). I wasn\’t able to get the shop\’s exact name. All I see is the Japanese character in the hangers.

I will definitely go back and check out their while merchandise. They also sell accessories and handbags.
I go to Bugis Street for the chocolates. I buy them at this store behind Bugis Street beside the durian stand. The store is somewhat like Valu$ in Toa Payoh. The products are mostly cheap especially if you\’re going to compare it with Choc-Spot in Lucky Plaza. But be very careful to check the expiration date of the food. I haven\’t encountered anything expired. I have been buying my pasalubong there ever since.

As of this writing, my box is on it\’s way to PHL. I just hope and pray that nothing bad happens to it. 

It\’s a Grin Affair

I\’m a fan of shops, cafe or stores that are hindi pa ganong kasikat, just starting and has this very cozy and personal vibe. Everton Park is home to some of it. First off is Grin Affair.

I first noticed the promo board near the stairs towards our block. I thought that they are selling sa paglalako. It turns out it was directing the people to go over the shop. Quite misleading at first especially, I still have no sleep coming from my night shift. So I was left curious. the products are pretty enticing.
When I came back from one of my meetings for my wedding, I went down from my usual bus stop and was surpirsed to see the corkboard sign again. And its now directing to the place itself. So I went in, the vibe is very homey and eco-conscious. It feels like I came into my mom\’s kitchen and I await for my mom to finish the cooking. Earth tone colors dominates the place. There\’s also a little space for hand-made items for sale.
I met Jody, the shop\’s owner and pastry chef (I\’m not quite sure about her title aside from being the owner). And we had a little chit-chat. One concept of the store is to promote recycling thus the use of glass jars for her cakes. There\’s an attached chit on each of the jar, you can collect all 20 pieces of it then you can receive a freebie if you return all the jars!
Jody has been to Manila for 5 days for a short vacation. She has an interesting insight of it. She liked Intramuros and the old buildings. Meaning the uniqueness of Manila comes from its old world charm that sets us apart from other countries. She also like the idea of having food carts (like everywhere!) even on the LRT/MRT. She thinks it\’s one of the most profitable way for F&B. She hopes to come back one day and would like to explore our beaches.
Ok, back to the food. I ordered Banana something cake-y (sorry I forgot the name). The taste is delectable. Not too sweet and not too creamy. It melts in your mouth for quite a while so you can savor the flavor and ingredients. The banana fruit is still fresh, and it doesn\’t give a lamog flavor.
I haven\’t returned yet from the shop. Most of the time that I want to go there its closed. I still want to try the other cakes. I\’m looking forward to it.