The Best Time To Shop

Season clearance and right after Christmas Day, December 26. Pffttt forget about Black Friday.

Ladies…Enjoy this time of the year.


Christmas In My New Home


I\’m in shock when I found out that Seff doesn\’t have ANY decors for Christmas! To think that my mother-in-law is staying with him made it more shocking. An I-don\’t-bother-to-put-up-any-decorations-because-I-will-be-putting-it-down-anyway-after-the-holidays attitude is unacceptable especially now that I\’m here.
I may be the \”boss\” but I don\’t want to pressure my husband into buying a Christmas Tree. I told him to save his money for next Christmas. I came up with a wreath out of old magazines and flyers from junk mail.
To emulate Christmas spirit from the outside, I decorated the plants with star origami using magazine pages. I got the patterns online. We added  lights to brighten up our place during night time. My nephew Joelo gave some of his fanboy comments and praised my efforts. Too bad I wasn\’t able to take pictures of it during the night time. Nothing too complicated since I did everything in a rush. All I want is to feel the Christmas spirit in our house.

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It was my first time to celebrate Christmas morning time, not the strike of midnight thing. We have to adjust because Nanay have to sleep early and she\’s can\’t keep awake til midnight. Ate Marilou is still recovering from her surgery. Thus the brunch schedule. We kept the celebration simple. 



I cooked turkey spaghetti and prepared the fruit salad con sago. Seff glazed and baked the  ham from Costco. Nanay cooked her steamed fish and vegetables. Jon and Kuya Joel brought some seafood pansit palabok and made-to-order puto.

Aside from the food, we are not to forget the opening of gifts!

To make the day  interesting I came up with a make-shift photo booth!
I used post-its, washi tape and some invisible tape for our backdrop. It\’s bitin horizontally because not everybody can fit without squeezing in. Good thing we have a big wall good enough for photo taking. It\’s also strategically adjacent to a window giving a natural light.

The props that we used are those that we already have at home like the Santa Claus hats, flower necklaces, and party hats from the dollar store. I also did some mustache and glass cut-outs I got from the web.

I hope you had a nice Christmas celebration. To tell you frankly, nothing beats Christmas back in the Philippines. But I have to compensate and make it fun on my standards. It\’s not that bad and it\’ll be better year after year. I promise…

Animations From Google Plus

I recently checked my personal google plus account to store and delete some pictures. I almost forgot that I left the Auto-Awesome feature on. It did wonders to my photos. I love it!

Auto Awesome photos & movies

Auto Awesome creates fun new versions of your photos and videos. Your photos will be combined into short animations, wide panoramas, or merged into group shots where everyone looks good. You\’ll know when an Auto Awesome photo or movie has been created by the  icon. —SOURCE

It can auto enhance, add effects and help you build up a home movie from your photo and video collection. 
Auto awesome is on by default. If you don\’t want it, just configure it on the settings. 

Music Monday: Let\’s Have A Party

How are you going to celebrate Christmas?

As much as I miss the Pinoy Christmas that we have at home, I have to make something worthwhile. I can\’t wait for Christmas day!