Shout-Out To My Followers

I just want to acknowledge my circles from Google+ and Bloglovin\’.

I appreciate you guys following me. Knowing that, you actually read my blog is a huge honor. If I haven\’t followed you back please forgive me, you can give me a gentle reminder by sending me a message. 
I can never pull-off an OOTD post and make-up/nails reviews or tutorials. For the beauty and fashion mavens who follows me on Bloglovin\’ I salute your passion and dedication. I don\’t know how you ended up on my blog but I thank you for dropping by.
See you around…

Animations From Google Plus

I recently checked my personal google plus account to store and delete some pictures. I almost forgot that I left the Auto-Awesome feature on. It did wonders to my photos. I love it!

Auto Awesome photos & movies

Auto Awesome creates fun new versions of your photos and videos. Your photos will be combined into short animations, wide panoramas, or merged into group shots where everyone looks good. You\’ll know when an Auto Awesome photo or movie has been created by the  icon. —SOURCE

It can auto enhance, add effects and help you build up a home movie from your photo and video collection. 
Auto awesome is on by default. If you don\’t want it, just configure it on the settings.