Wordless Wednesday – 29

OAWSP: Stamped

I used Camera 360 app for this one. Under the effects category of Art —> Stamped—>Sweet. I just can\’t afford yet to get the paid apps that has wonderful painting and sketch features. 
I haven\’t been taking self-portraits in a while maybe because I\’ve outgrown the \”selfie\” stage of my life. I want to evolve creatively (wow! mature concerns?! LOL). Right now I\’m trying to learn how to do lettering and watercolor it nicely. I\’m thinking on taking some knitting class and doing some crochet projects again. A lot of creative ideas has been churning in my head. I hope I can handle it gracefully. Not to mention I still have an upcoming licensure exams.

Music Monday: The Day You Went Away

My random Ipod playlist song for Music Monday…

The lines that was stuck in my head every time I hear this song.

I remember, date and time. September twenty second Sunday, twenty five after nine… 

Whoever composed this song, surely remembers everything…

So whatever happened to M2M?

OAWSP: Smile with no teeth

Apparently, my husband thinks I\’m more beautiful when I smile without showing my teeth.  I don\’t know why he said it but I find it sweet in a way. He can see the beautiful in what I think is not. One of the many  reasons that I love him.