Music Monday: Boom Clap

An unlikely \”anthem\” for a YA Romantic movie…


Music Monday: Let It Go

Ladies! Empower yourselves with your OWN strength and abilities. Defy limits and explore. Do what you think is right as long as you don\’t harm anyone along the road.

I\’m just glad Disney is more gender sensitive nowadays. Watch Frozen and you\’ll know what I mean.

Music Monday: Heaven is a Place on Earth

I just got my \’supply\’ of new mp3 tracks from sissy Cha via dropbox. It\’s a mix of 90\’s, new millennium hits and indie music. Being the 90\’s kid that I am, Belinda Carlisle was overplayed back then. Her song has graced  the OST of some memorable teenage movies of the early and late 90\’s. 

Music Monday: Sex in the City Intro

Right now, I\’m watching the HBO Signature\’s Sex in the City Season 6 marathon. They are showing the last few episodes. If my memory serves me right, it\’s also the last few episodes that I watched when the show ended. Trip down memory lane, as I watch again the sex, drama, fashion, comedy, friendship and love that the SATC girls has shared us.


Music Monday: Club Can\’t Even Handle Me Right Now

I don\’t want to match my dazed emotion, with another equally dazed song.

From the OST of Step Up 3D, just to pump up myself and to blog again…