Tangled Ever After

My third most popular post is my Tangled movie review. I love this movie!

Tangled ever after is a short movie sequel. Watch what happens on the day of the wedding.

Max and Pascal are hilarious!

Short Films are LOVE

The internet has been a very good medium for filmmakers. As an audience myself, I love the idea of easier access.

The Dancing Dead 
The dancing version for the famous TV series \”The Walking Dead.\”

My Generasi 
This is for the 90\’s babies. The time when there\’s no Facebook, iPod/iPhone, Tablets and PC. I could totally relate.

Fine Dining – Short Film

I\’m doing some short film round-up for the past few days. I\’m hooked really. I remember John Red being interviewed in 5 and up about short films, pretty interesting shiz if you ask me. He mentioned something about a film that only lasted for 3 seconds. I find it weird but cool for my 6/7 year old brain. 

The film is very heartwarming. I smiled and cried at the same time. I felt the love that this movie wants to transcend.

Filipino filmmaker Lance Katigbak, 18, won the People’s Choice award at the recent Manhattan International Film Festival in New York. His short film, Fine Dining, bested 14 entries from the United States, United Kingdom, India, Belgium, Rwanda, among other countries.

With a Piece Of Chalk – A Short Film

I\’m always amazed on how a story can be created and presented beautifully in less than 4 minutes. What impresses me the most, is the use of dancing as the film\’s highlight. Brings out the frustrated dancer in me.