Music Monday | Why I Like Lady Gaga’s SB Performance

Full Video: Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance

Frankly speaking, my Super Bowl Half Time performance template is Beyonce. She set the standards high! But you know what, every artist is different. Upon watching Lady Gaga do her thang, I realized she slayed the 15 minute concert on HER OWN means. She’s very successful at it. I almost thought she was the highlight of the whole Super Bowl LI. Thank you Pats and Falcs for an EPIC game.

I like Gaga’s show because:

  1. She sang the songs that made her known (e.g. Just Dance, Born this way, Poker Face). It actually spurred lots of memories from the not so distance past. My sister Cha knows it very well 😜 .
  2. I like the rooftop singing and the dancing drones.
  3. The almost Mission Impossible-like drop from the roof.
  4. Political statements are IN THE SONGS! Thank You!
  5. Dance moves are reminiscent of her videos from The Fame album.
  6. Showcase of her talents aside from singing: Playing the piano and keytar.
  7. Sweet shoutout to Mom and Dad!
  8. The Versace sparkly ensemble.
  9. Haters are making a big deal out of her exposed flab. Hello!!!!!! Go and get-up that stage and perform! That whole set is worth 10 hours (or more) of cardio exercise + singing. Haters won’t even stand a chance.

Earlier today, Good Morning San Diego showed a clip of her performing in Ikea San Diego parking lot. Definitely a started-from-the-bottom-now-we-here moment 😊 . Keep making people happy Lady G!

If she’s given another chance to perform, I’ll be happy to watch again 👍🏼 😄 .

Great job Lady Gaga!


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