The Sunday Currently || 037


Woke up around almost 8AM upon hearing my kulinggit crying for milk. I told Joseph to prep the milk and he sleepily obliged. She finished the milk in a heartbeat…Anak nga kita, sa isip-isip ko 😅. I had her burp, changed her diapers and swaddled. Itinabi ko sa daddy niya then I went on for my morning ME time. Afterwards, I prepared kulinggit’s vitamin D. Ginising ko na si Joseph so he can eat. I’m just waiting for kulinggit to wake up anytime while doing TSC.

I also heard the good news that Ronnel (best cousin ever – dad’s side) just became a dad. The family tree is expanding! Congratulations 🥰🥰🥰 ! It’s time for a new family pic! Last time we had one was year 1994. Kasama na dapat mga anakis ng mga apo.


Depressing. The only word that I can describe when bookstores closes. I grew up reading books. You can\’t blame me when I say, I love turning the pages of a book and smell of paper. So imagine my horror with the thought of selling our collection of books. @_@

Page One in Singapore. A few months prior Borders in Wheelock Place closed as well.
With the booming e-book industry, reading is now very accessible using smartphones, tablets etc. This is one reason I like e-books. I can have it all in one device minus the book weight. It\’s cheaper and at times free. I don\’t certainly see it as a replacement.
I stumbled upon this article in apartment therapy. We share the same sentiments. I can guess the writer reads more than I do, he/she has lots of sentimental memories with the printed word. 
So what do you think? Are books obsolete? I\’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won\’t


Photo Source: Buzzfeed