Depressing. The only word that I can describe when bookstores closes. I grew up reading books. You can\’t blame me when I say, I love turning the pages of a book and smell of paper. So imagine my horror with the thought of selling our collection of books. @_@

Page One in Singapore. A few months prior Borders in Wheelock Place closed as well.
With the booming e-book industry, reading is now very accessible using smartphones, tablets etc. This is one reason I like e-books. I can have it all in one device minus the book weight. It\’s cheaper and at times free. I don\’t certainly see it as a replacement.
I stumbled upon this article in apartment therapy. We share the same sentiments. I can guess the writer reads more than I do, he/she has lots of sentimental memories with the printed word. 
So what do you think? Are books obsolete? I\’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won\’t


Photo Source: Buzzfeed

2 thoughts on “Bookish

  1. nung una sumesenti ako sa actual books, pero nung nag-accumulate na sila at inaallergic rhinitis na ko sa alikabok nila at wala na akong pera pambili (dahil sa fellowship boooooo!), tuwang tuwa na ako sa ebooks. Pero ang problema ko ay lagi akong dinidistract ng ibang programs kaya mas matagal ako makatapos magbasa, like plants vs zombies 2 ahahahahah


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