Freebie Reading

I love free magazines and newspaper with good content. 

It\’s quite ironic actually, because I can read lots of magazines, literary books (or basically anything that interests me) but nursing books are ignored. My husband reprimands me for this! (When he found out I finished the seven books of Harry Potter but I can\’t finish a few hundred page a driver\’s manual). I have colleagues or friends who are surprised, that I\’m oriented with \”stuff\” outside the scope of nursing. Well, I don\’t want to limit my knowledge. I\’m cool with anything my brain can absorb. It keeps me sane and level-headed.

Back in the Philippines, we have the Inquirer Libre. Copies are distributed mostly at MRT and LRT stations and are gone in a snap. Most of the time, I just borrow it from classmates who rides the train early in the morning.I was still in college when Philippine Daily Inquirer released the first free tabloid in the country. Aside from the news, I love reading the funny and sometimes-right-on-smack quotes in the horoscope.

Here in San Diego, most of the magazines are available in libraries, museums, hotels, malls, coffee shops and gyms. Most of the magazines are printed with glossy covers. The pages are like the sheets of a newspaper printed with colors for the pictures.

SD Reader and USA Today – My dose of current affairs in San Diego.
Old Town San Diego– Guide around the historic Old Town.
101 Things to do in San Diego – To know more of places to go here in SD.
SD Family magazine– Broadway productions that are in town and kid-friendly hang-outs in the county.

The thing I don\’t like with the above mentioned is the ad placement. It\’s basically everywhere! It\’s more visible than the article itself. I understand the publication survives thru ads (a given fact), so I\’m putting into consideration it might be a strategy.

When I was living in Singapore, lots of free magazines are all over the island (malls, boutiques, restaurants, museums, coffee shops etc ).  I can\’t pick favorites because all of it are great. Each has it\’s own niche. Photography, content, ad placement, features are managed in a classified and non-messy kind of way. Made me feel I actually bought it. The websites are worth your time to navigate as well.

 Juice – Fashion, music (local and international) and clubbing. 

I-S (Inside Singapore) – Events, Restaurants, Travel, and Shopping
Catalog – I love their front covers! It\’s very graphic and conceptual that made it look playful and unique. In the website they have this flipbook of current and previous issues. Meaning I could read Catalog even if I\’m not in Singapore. Yey!

In-flight magazines publication are getting better the past few years. Maybe because travel industry has changed especially now that many can afford it. The content caters to everyone from tourist destinations, shopping, dining and places to stay. I use it as a good reference on future outings.

Another in flight magazine of note is AirAsia\’s Travel 3Sixty.

Looking forward to more goods read this 2014!

Mabuhay – Facebook page of Mabuhay Magazine.
Smile – Cebu Pacific Smile website
Jetstar Magazine –

Duxton Road

In one of my photowalks for the Mid- Autumn Festival in Singapore 2012, I encountered Duxton Road in Tanjong Pagar. It\’s one hidden gem for dining that I wasn\’t able to experience at all. It\’s either I was too busy to remember or too stingy to give in. Pfft! So here I am checking my old photos sour-graping.                  

Anyway, there\’s always a next time and I\’m posting so everybody can come and see what it has offer.

There\’s this quaint little bookstore along the way called Littered With Books. The cozy two storey high haven makes me want to stay there the whole day and just read books!
At the time that I was there, they don\’t allow photo-taking. According to customers who reviewed them in yelp. Their book prices are cheaper than other bookstores that gives you reason to come back over and over. The staff are very courteous and helpful.

After exiting the store, I was doing some shots when this guy just came out of nowhere. He asked for to be photographed, quickly said thanks and walked off.
They appear to be looking for something…hhmmmm
Further into the streets are some offices
I think Clarence worked here, if my memory serves me right.
Bistros, pub, winery…I see most of the people in this side of town are yuppies. 
The former Berjaya Hotel now called The Duxton for they have changed management. I like the rustic charm of it. Who would have now a shop house can effectively be a hotel structure.
An architectural heritage
Too bad I wasn\’t able to come back at all. Duxton Hill has also an interesting wine and dine vibe. This place is excellent for after work hours chillaxing and hang-out.
Till next time

Mid Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival in SG was about to finish this October 4. Too bad my eyes can\’t feast on the colorful decorations for this year\’s festival. Last year, I decided to go for a photowalk for some sensory overload of colors and lights. This is one of the perks living in Everton Park, I get to enjoy Chinatown anytime that I want.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple



Lanterns are all over the temple premises.
From a nearby store. Reminds me of Mr. Shooli of  the 90\’s show Mongolian Barbecue
I remember one Feng-shui expert said,  this cat is waving to attract luck to \”to come into the business\”.
The stretch of South Bridge Road. The lanterns are like little candies hanging.

Northeast Line MRT Chinatown exit
This looks like a school project of  some kiddos.
Along Eu Ton Sen street. They have longer garlands of lanterns
Porcelain Hotel made a huge canvas out of their \”side wall\”
It\’s like a design out of a china plate.
These are delicious but very expensive! I\’m not sure if these are the bakkwa.
Giant Fruits
You could also check-out the Clarke Quay decorations for MAF. They have more designs pertaining to houses, animals, flowers/plants. They are located along the bridge and the riverside very suitable for photo taking together with decors. 


Depressing. The only word that I can describe when bookstores closes. I grew up reading books. You can\’t blame me when I say, I love turning the pages of a book and smell of paper. So imagine my horror with the thought of selling our collection of books. @_@

Page One in Singapore. A few months prior Borders in Wheelock Place closed as well.
With the booming e-book industry, reading is now very accessible using smartphones, tablets etc. This is one reason I like e-books. I can have it all in one device minus the book weight. It\’s cheaper and at times free. I don\’t certainly see it as a replacement.
I stumbled upon this article in apartment therapy. We share the same sentiments. I can guess the writer reads more than I do, he/she has lots of sentimental memories with the printed word. 
So what do you think? Are books obsolete? I\’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won\’t


Photo Source: Buzzfeed