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img_3347I was surprised when I found out someone brought Project Pie in Manila. Good job! Way ahead than Singapore, Dubai and Hongkong.

Project Pie


I was surprised when I found out someone brought Project Pie in Manila. Good job! Way ahead than Singapore, Dubai and Hongkong.

Broadway, Chula Vista Branch
Originally Project Pie started in Las Vegas. They expanded the business to California with a branch in Hillcrest and Chula Vista. 

Interior is minimalist concentrating on neutrals. The place is spacious and clean.

On the left check -out the hanging iPad. You can take pictures and post in their instagram account @projectpiecv

I feel like, the place was designed for social media. The wall paper makes a nice backdrop for selfies and group pictures. Lighting (best at daytime) can give you a nice glow.

Love the hanging light bulbs.


Ate Marilou and I ordered by number. We decided that we want to try everything first before customizing. I find their dough different because of a certain soft crisp with a little bit moist.

Starting Left-Up (clockwise): Prosciutto #7, Nutella & Banana for dessert, Pepperoni #2, Grilled Chicken #6. I like #7 the best. It has this minimal sweet and salty taste that mixed well and is far from the typical tomato pizza sauce. 

Remember to clean as you go…

We are kilig with the cute manager hihihihihi. He gave us a free pizza. (He\’s the manly dude in black)

Will definitely comeback to try other numbers and experiment with the toppings.

Manila enjoy Project Pie!


Around San Diego

I\’ve been here in Chula Vista for more than 2 months. If anybody asks me how\’s my stay, my quick reply \”Love the weather!\” Seriously the weather here is awesome! No wonder my husband is proud of himself for retiring here. It\’s fall season now. The sweater weather makes me excited of wearing jackets, boots and thermal tights.
Here\’s some snapshots of some of the places I\’ve been to. San Diego is huge! It may take me a lifetime. 
In National City there\’s Jolibee.  There are lots of Pinoys residing here. That\’s why Seafood City, Red Ribbon and point-point (turo-turo) joints are everywhere.

I just want to emphasize on what is going on the side. According to Seff, the ongoing construction is one of the governments efforts to decrease traffic due to increasing population.

There\’s one highway that they name Filipino-American Highway. I think it\’s near National City. But it\’s not this freeway.

The Iconic Rooftop of Hotel Del Rey in Coronado Island

Breaker\’s Beach. The quiet and secured part of the Coronado Beach inside the Naval Base.

Hikers and cyclists paradise. The mountain range near our home.


Of course! How will I forget SHOPPING. I will post a separate entry for it. I\’m with my sister-in-law Ate Marilou. She accompanied me for some good old bargain hunting.
I\’m looking forward for more food trip, hiking and sight-seeing in San Diego. I\’m taking my time.