Hongkong: Solo for the First 24 Hours

Repost and re-edit of pictures from my old blog.

I’m solo on my first 24 hours in HK. I was apprehensive at first but, I managed anyway. All the walking, reading of map/book and asking for direction helped me through my day. I also downloaded the MTR tourist app for directions to the tourist attractions (very reliable! and easy to understand). I had a good grip of my time since I decide for myself especially on when to leave or stay a place (that’s why I love solo travel).

I booked my accommodation with Roomorama. Cheaper than hotels and the owner was very accommodating. It was a typical flat that was very comfortable and homey.

Hongkong 2012

Disneyland || Hongkong

I think it’s best to visit the place is during the cold season. Because it’s really freakin’ hot on that day! I got tanned…Made in HongKong. 
Finally, I was able to go to the happiest place on earth! It feels great to fulfill a childhood dream. I never thought it would really happen. I’m so happy! Disneyland’s festive theme is Halloween.
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Here comes the train!
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Mickey Handles