Disneyland || Hongkong

I think it’s best to visit the place is during the cold season. Because it’s really freakin’ hot on that day! I got tanned…Made in HongKong. 
Finally, I was able to go to the happiest place on earth! It feels great to fulfill a childhood dream. I never thought it would really happen. I’m so happy! Disneyland’s festive theme is Halloween.
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Here comes the train!
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Mickey Handles

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Welcome to the Black mansion Disneyland!
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Surfin’ HK
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Toy Story in Simulation
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The Home of the Space Mountain ride. It really is a high-speed roller-coaster ride! 
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One of the many food stalls.
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It’s a small world. Inside, it showcases doll’s in National costumes. We have our own dolls in baro’t saya. And a Tagalog version of the song, It’s A Small World. Cool!

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Dabakan at tabatab
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The jungle cruise. Who owns this tree house?
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Something to look forward to on 2013. Mystic Point.
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This is a hardcore kiddie land. Though there’s this one ride that is for the adults. The kiddos will surely enjoy this part.
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The most colorful in the whole of DL. Vibrant and vivid colors of everything is a feast to my eyes.
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The Mickey Mouse waffle. Cute!
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Fan-girling! Seeing them kiss snout to snout is just way too cute.
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Flights of Fantasy…The most fun and colorful parade that I’ve been to.
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Nice to know that most of the performers are Filipino. Yeah! Raise the roof!
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Made my Halloween extra special. 
I wasn’t able to ride everything.Though I was able to ride THE SPACE MOUNTAIN and It’s a Small World. On my next trip here I would like to see the fireworks, ride every single adult attraction and stay overnight at the Disney Hotel. Yipeee!!!!
All in all Disneyland are more for kids. But kids at heart can appreciate what the park could offer. I find it really cute that there are kids who come in their favorite Disney costumes. All the while I thought there’s a program but its not. Trip lang talaga nila. I should have come in my costume too, maybe as one of the Disney princess hehehe.
Saving for it has started! Yehey!

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