The Sunday Currently || 027


It’s a productive Sunday for me. Yey! Just finished packing the balikbayan box. And I thought hindi kasya ang mga bilin. Cooked sinigang na baboy and an almost would be empanada. Hopefully I can finish my donation box tonight so I could send it out. I’m still in the process of decluttering stuff. Next up my clothes. Good luck to me 😬.

The Sunday Currently || 026


Waiting for my husband to finish working out. Para makapag-lunch na kami 😅!

I’m also packing some of my stuff for donation. I’ve decluttered some of my things and I might be doing more of it in a few weeks. Other sellable stuff has been sold online and some are going to the Philippines. At times, I can’t believe the stuff that I have accumulated. I initially thought I needed it pero di naman pala. I’ve also started storing my “winter clothes” because it’s getting warmer na, yey!