The Sunday Currently || 026


Waiting for my husband to finish working out. Para makapag-lunch na kami 😅!

I’m also packing some of my stuff for donation. I’ve decluttered some of my things and I might be doing more of it in a few weeks. Other sellable stuff has been sold online and some are going to the Philippines. At times, I can’t believe the stuff that I have accumulated. I initially thought I needed it pero di naman pala. I’ve also started storing my “winter clothes” because it’s getting warmer na, yey!

READING – I opened the iBooks app in my phone which I haven’t done in a while. I only want free downloads, so I opened this sexy e-book called Bad Billionaires 2 😜. Joseph gayahin natin 😛.

WRITING – Wala pa din. I said, I want to write something in my travel journal. Para ma-lessen din ang phone usage ko. Ngangey pa din 😅.

LISTENING – I can hear the exhaust fan in the kitchen, Lloyd Cafe Cadena vlogs playing in another Chrome tab and work-out music coming from the garage. In short, maingay lol.

THINKING – When are we eating lunch 😅.

SMELLING – Yung niluto kong Chicken Adobo. Bango! Nagutom ako lalo!

WISHING – Unlimited money. Parang eto naman ata lagi wish ko. At least, I’m consistent 😅. Universe are you listening?

HOPING – Everything will be fine.

WEARING- Pantulog. Anong bago?! 😂 I always tell my siblings, wala na ako pambahay. My routine at home, ligo sa gabi. Then if winter, I have my warm pajamas (consists mostly of my husbands old sweaters) and if it’s the warmer weather bestidang pantulog from Walmart. In the morning, wala ng palit-palit unless I need to go somewhere. Hindi ko issue ang mga nagdedeliver because it’s either delivered in the mailbox or in front of the house. The courier will simply send me a notification via e-mail. Kaya no bra the whole day talaga 😂. Priority ko ang comfort hehehe.

LOVING – My Le Creuset kaldero! Mas mabilis lumambot ang meat as compared sa conventional kaldero.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

WANTING – Another Le Creuset yung wok style. Dun ko i-try mag paella. Or the Saladmaster kaldero. Whichever of the two.

Something like this but the lower type of rim. I can’t find that style in their website.

NEEDING – The Zojirushi breadmaker. My auntie told me about it many years ago. She love it so much, hindi na sila bumibili ng commercially produced bread. Malaki ang kaibahan ng lasa pag walang preservatives. I’ve been holding off from buying it because di naman urgently needed. But after reading lots of reviews, looks like bibilhin ko na ☺️.

FEELING – Tired. My back has been hurting more than the usual.

CLICKING – Watching Lloyd Cafe Cadena Vlogs. I’ve been bingeing on his videos again lately. I’ve always said, among Filipino vloggers, siya na lang ang pinapanood ko especially nung buhay pa siya. Hindi ko siya kaano-ano pero I was really affected when he passed. In a world full of clout content, merong Lloyd who showed us “buhay ng iskwater.” I miss him. I really do.


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