The Sunday Currently || 025


Just hanging out on a sunny Sunday afternoon! I cooked my husband’s favorite Pinoy spaghetti, had my afternoon nap and minded our own business. The best!

READING – Webtoon comics. Am too old for that?

WRITING – None. I always say, I will start one but never really came to doing it.

LISTEN – Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper Intro music. Love Radio 90.7 FM

THINKING – What to eat for dinner.

SMELLING – Joseph’s anit (scalp). I’m typing this sitting beside him in the couch.

WISHING – I can do everything in a snap. Para tapos na agad-agad. Parang eto ata ang wish ko every Sunday 😅

HOPING – I will have the strength to do everything in my list before April.

WEARING- Pantulog forever! Sa true lang, hindi na ako nagpapambahay 😆.

LOVING – My pilot frixion pens. Panglista ng utang 😂

WANTING – Drawer organizer.

NEEDING – A REAL massage! For now an acupuncture will do.

FEELING – Tired more than the usual.

CLICKING – I’ve been watching Dr. Lucy the Masseuse from Russia. It would be great to be massaged by her. Her voice is sooooo soothing. Her hands looks like it is made from steel 😅. I can imagine my spine sounding off with all the knots and “lamig” present 😬.


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