The Sunday Currently || 024


Happy Valentine’s Day 🥰…

Nothing really special. Just stayed at home, greeted each other and lounged the whole day in the living room. My husband gave me a bouquet of flowers a day before. Usually my husband doesn’t really give me anything for this cheesy occasions. He’s just clueless that I want a little something. What I do now, weeks in advance I tell him what I want (same thing for Christmas, not for birthdays though. I have my own thing on my day). I cooked Bulalo and just minded our own business of doing nothing the whole day 😅. #adulting #kamilangto #toeachhisown

READING – I just finished Pastel Colored Pages in Webtoon. Medyo kaiyak 😢.

WRITING – None. I should really start one. My collection of notebooks are piling up. Tapos nothing is written on it.

LISTEN – My husband is laughing in my background. He is watching this puppet on youtube.

THINKING – A lot about certain stuff. I will be keeping it to myself.

SMELLING – I can smell a hint of argan oil in my hands. So far, it helped with my uber dry hands.

WISHING – To do all of the things I want to do in a snap.

HOPING – For a smooth flow of days for the next 3 months.

WEARING- Pantulog! Ano pa nga ba?

LOVING – My hair now. It’s very sleek and soft. Cooperating with the occasion, perhaps?

WANTING – Unlimited money. I can dream right?! 😜

NEEDING – A massage!

FEELING – Excited and scared.

CLICKING – Facebook. I have lots of messages.


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