The Weeknd – Superbowl LV – Halftime Show || Music Monday

Not the performance that I want but it was great nonetheless. I’m allowed to have feelings for Abel 😍. I think he’s cool and his songs are great.

This bit feels like he’s vlogging in the fun house and getting lost at the same time 😅.

Parang laro lang sa school nung elementary 😂. The boat is sinking!

The camera shots seems very personal. At one point, I feel like me and Abel had a moment plus the pakindat 🥰. And apparently, I’m not the only one who’ve seen it 😉.

The mask/head bandages seems a little weird to me. It looked like “supporters” 😅.

Above are my list of who I want to see in the next Superbowl Halftime performance (pardon my typos). My friend reacted to one of my stories and said she didn’t liked it at all. For me, it was a great performance and non-messy (Watch Superbowl LIII and you’ll see what I mean). I was hoping he has a co-performer, someone who could spice things up. Turns out it was a solo outing.


  1. Backstreet boys – This is my biased choice because, I love them. It would be great if NSYNC (including JT) will perform with them side by side but probably will not happen in a million years.
  2. Britney Spears – Maybe after her legal woes are resolved.
  3. Janet Jackson ONLY. Please!
  4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – As the main act with co-performers.
  5. If I may add ➡️ Arianna Grande – As the main act with co-perfomers.

How about you? Who do you want to see in the next Superbowl Halftime? Tell me about it in the comments ☺️.


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