The Sunday Currently || 027


It’s a productive Sunday for me. Yey! Just finished packing the balikbayan box. And I thought hindi kasya ang mga bilin. Cooked sinigang na baboy and an almost would be empanada. Hopefully I can finish my donation box tonight so I could send it out. I’m still in the process of decluttering stuff. Next up my clothes. Good luck to me 😬.

READING – Webtoon Lore of Olympus updated episode.

WRITING – To do list lol

LISTENING – Radio jingle of 91.5 WIN radio -stream.

THINKING – What else do I need to do?


WISHING – that the to-do list that I wrote is already done and completed.

HOPING – Covid-19 is history. Like now na!

WEARING- Pajama! Anong bago?!

LOVING – Mario Bros game app in IOS. I’ve been playing more of it recently.

WANTING – Drawer organizers. But it won’t fit under my desk 😢.

NEEDING – Hardcore massage! But can’t do it yet 😥.

FEELING – Excited and afraid at the same time. Is it legit to feel both at the same time?!

CLICKING – Colourpop, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Just looking at stuff 🤪.


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