The Sunday Currently || 028


I repotted one of my lemon tree. I hope it thrives because that plant came from the ground then transferred to a big pot. The tree is “fighting” with other plants on the ground especially with the plants over the bakod. The leaves are just turning yellow and it’s not growing as much. I just hope it will still grow. It’s one of the lemon tree that I started from seed🤞🤞🤞.

READING – Webtoon. Lore of Olympus was updated yesterday. I was only able to read it today.

WRITING – To do list 😅

LISTENING – 90.7 Love Radio Manila

THINKING – What to do first?

SMELLING – Garlic. It left a smell in my mouth 😅. Joseph cooked lunch earlier and placed a bunch of garlic in the clam ulam.

WISHING – I have everything ready in a snap of my fingers.

HOPING – All is well.

WEARINGPantulog! I got new ones from Forever 21 hehehe. It’s something like the one in the picture but it’s olive green and not ribbed-type style.

Photo from Forever 21

LOVING – Maybelline Eyelash Serum. I use it as a “colorless mascara” just for me to get into the habit of using it. So far, I’m seeing a difference. My short eyelashes are “longer” than the usual and easier to curl. But it still has a long way to go to my desired length. I like it better than castor oil because, it’s very sticky.

Photo from Maybelline USA

WANTING – I saw this insta360 GO 2. I like the small size and stabilization feature. I’ve also been eyeing an instax camera, either a wide or square (SQ6) type.

Photo from Cined
Photo from Amazon
Photo from Amazon

NEEDING – Massage! Bullet day (balang-araw), if I become filthy rich. I will employ an in-house masseuse. Mark my words!

FEELING – A little discomfort. It’s tolerable but it feels weird. I’ll call my MD tomorrow.

CLICKING – I’m looking for a peachy kinda blush in Colourpop. Might check out Ulta and/or Walmart tomorrow if everything’s OK.


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