While waiting for my mom-in-law to finish her doctors appointment, I read the next available magazine.

Look what I found! Check out the Top 10 Overall and Asia Category. No wonder I encounter tourists from US and Europe who have been to our country and they love it.

I can\’t wait to visit these places with my husband. We are rooting for El Nido, Palawan.

Cebu and Bohol

I maybe far away from home but I\’m updated of what\’s happenening. I\’m glad my lola and the rest of my relatives are OK. I hope that majority of my fellow kababayans are safe.
This is another wishful thinking of the pork barrel money that should be used for rehabilitation…
How can we help? I checked on ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya site but their latest update was from Typhoon Santi. Same thing with Kapuso Foundation
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Long-haul flight…Another first for me.
I\’ve been missing in action for a while for I just moved out from SG and returned to Philippines for vacation. After a month, I\’m now here in the US to FINALLY be with my husband! Anyone who are close to me knows that. 
I may be MIA but I\’m still aware of what\’s happening to our country. I\’m glad nothing bad happened to my family and relatives. Though I feel bad that my fellow Laguna peepz has to suffer the after effects. 
Amidst all that is happening, I\’m always touched by the generosity of our fortunate kababayans may it be back home or abroad. My sister told me that this huge box of old clothes at home are being prepared for donations. Even my home clothes that I left behind are now packed. At least someone could benefit from our old stuff.
I personally follow PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) on Facebook. They are still accepting donations for Human and Animal relief.  (Quoted from their FB wall)

[PARC ANNOUNCEMENT – August 20, 2013]

The PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) in Aurora Blvd, QC (near Marikina) is opening its doors as a temporary pet evacuation center to residents of Marikina whose houses are flooded and have no where else to bring their pets. PAWS resources is limited as an NGO – it needs donations of dog and cat food, tarps, old towels together with human relief items (ready-to-eat packed food, bottled water, old clothes) as the organization aims to help both humans & animals affected by disaster. Donations may be dropped off at PARC. Map is available at

If you are volunteering your vehicle for a day, please email

Thank you.

All I have here are GMA Pinoy TV and The Filipino Channel. They\’re still accepting donations as well.

I wish there was a way to  stop flooding from happening yearly. If only that pork barrel was put into good use…How I wish…

As for me, I\’ll be back from my regular blogging.


NAIA-1: To see is to believe

 NAIA-1 to undergo renovation 
By Rudy Santos (The Philippine Star) Updated June 20, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (21) 

MANILA, Philippines – Airport authorities disclosed that the 28-year-old Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 (NAIA-1) would be renovated in August after an architectural and engineering firm was picked to conduct an assessment of the project.

For the full article click here.

I\’ve been coming back and forth to Philippines since I worked in SG. Been to several airports here in Southeast Asia.  I realized, we are totally behind our neighboring countries. Not a hint of  world-class standards and appeal, when Department of Tourism is promoting our country globally. Don\’t tell me not to compare blah-blah. I remit my hard-earned dollar and pay taxes. I have every right. 
Please take note that almost all of the major airlines are stationed in that terminal. Meaning every foreign  visitors passes through this rabbit hole. Ask anyone who\’ve been in some country (that has nice airports) they would be in awe and  the comparisons would start. We should want that admiration as well. Something we could proclaim our own and stand unique among the rest. This is one way of boosting our tourism too. In one way or another it helps.

Here\’s a list of things to ponder for NAIA-1:

  • Is there anyway that the travel tax and terminal fee be eliminated? What is it for anyway? I know we OFWs are exempted from this but what about the others.
  • To build an actual space for the Duty-Free shop and to have more variety of duty free goods
  • Isn\’t it having shops inside also means income for the airport? 
  • Well sanitized toilets please.
  • Comfy lounge and waiting areas.
  • Some employees are downright unprofessional. I don\’t know if any customer-service seminar could do a remedy for this.
God Bless NAIA…