Hikosen Cara

What is Hikosen Cara?

Hikosen Cara products are the wide range of cotton items including Garments, aprons, bags, zakka ( small items for various purposes) and home accessories. All of them are designed from Japan with special Cats and Dogs characters. We issue about 100 new styles with 10 colors every month. All brand names have already registered and designs are copyrights reserved.  —SOURCE

I encountered Hikosen Cara year 2010, while window shopping in Takashimaya. I love the cat designs. So cute! It\’s very soft, plush and smooth. Very different from the stuffed toys that I\’ve known. 
I originally want this bolster-like kitty. By the time I decided to buy one, it was sold out.
The price tag was steep. I made it a point, to look at it every pay day. Come Christmas time, I bought it! I can\’t stand my own resistance. I never regret getting it.
I got the smiling fat kitteh


What I like about the Hikosen Cara line is they have different design for every season. Once you get a toy, you won\’t be seeing the same design again. They also have other products like, aprons, bags, kid\’s shoes, duvet et. al. A nice gift idea to infants, toddlers, preschoolers and children ages 6-8 years old  (Don\’t look at me, I\’m a child at heart ;P).
I would love to buy lots but, it\’s really expensive. Time passed by,  their space in Takashimaya was gone. Even their branch in Bugis Junction. I wasn\’t able to visit their store in HK, so I lost hope and settled with what I have.
During my recent trip to Vietnam, I accidentally discovered them again in Diamond Plaza. Imagine my delight! I could\’ve vomited rainbows. I\’m so happy! All of their novelty items are available in Vietnam.


But I didn\’t get one until I leave for Ho Chi Minh City. I bought my items (a day before I go to Hanoi) in the Vincom Center Branch.

Hikosen Cara Heaven!
They have piggy plushies.
The staff are very accommodating and courteous despite the language barrier. Too bad, I wasn\’t able to get their names. They helped me pack my purchases. They even gave me discounts for hoarding buying a lot. The prices are way cheaper compared to SG. The plushie that I have are sold 75% less and it\’s a regular price.

The store supervisor, offered me a store membership. I respectfully declined since, I\’m  a tourist and I can\’t tell when I\’ll be back. She gave me these cute cellphone/bag accessory instead.

I walked back to the hotel, with a huge smile on my face. I got my sibs and cousin their neck pillows. I couldn\’t get them the plushies because I\’ll be travelling to Hanoi for the next three days. I only have a small luggage and must stick to the baggage requirement.

Till next time!  🙂


Ikea and Anchorpoint

I love Ikea restaurant\’s Swedish horse meatballs well that is aside from their home furnishings (Even if it was horse meat, it was delish and nothing happened to me, bletch!).

At times if I\’m bored or just want to get out of the house, I come here to window shop. It\’s just nice to look at Ikea showrooms. It\’s amazing how they can maximize the use of a small space and either make it look glam, homey, minimalist, child-proof etc. in a modern way.

I have this bedsheet and pillow case.

After some eye-strain in the shop. Time to eat!

My usual: Cheesecake (the cheapest but one of the tastiest cheesecake that I\’ve had), meatballs and garden salad to-go. The rest of the plates is my roomie Sharon\’s meal. That we will eventually share. Spell TAKAW.
I love the Ketchup dispensers. Squirt-squirt…
After the delectable feast. You can go shopping again in Anchorpoint, right in front of Ikea. For budget shoppers you can get your Cotton On, Charles and Keith, Billabong on big discounts. These are outlet store branches. So get ready for a shopping adventure. 
I was able to get a Cotton On mullet skirt and shirt for $5 each. A big steal as compared with their mall prices.

Love is Messy


For Garrett Popcorn that is…

Me and my sibs love this popcorn. I share the same sentiments with sister KC when she has written this in her blog. I first discovered this popcorn during our day trip in Sentosa island outside the newly opened Universal Studios. Since then, I never turned back, the best popcorn that I\’ve ever tasted!
But eversince I\’ve started dieting, I\’ve wished that they could sell it in a smaller bag just enough to satisfy my cravings. It came true a few days ago when I saw that they have this petite bag that sells for $2 but this doesn\’t include the Plain/Buttery variety. I asked the salesperson whether it\’s a promo or a forever thing. She said it\’s a promotion. Not sure until when and not available in all outlets.