Ikea and Anchorpoint

I love Ikea restaurant\’s Swedish horse meatballs well that is aside from their home furnishings (Even if it was horse meat, it was delish and nothing happened to me, bletch!).

At times if I\’m bored or just want to get out of the house, I come here to window shop. It\’s just nice to look at Ikea showrooms. It\’s amazing how they can maximize the use of a small space and either make it look glam, homey, minimalist, child-proof etc. in a modern way.

I have this bedsheet and pillow case.

After some eye-strain in the shop. Time to eat!

My usual: Cheesecake (the cheapest but one of the tastiest cheesecake that I\’ve had), meatballs and garden salad to-go. The rest of the plates is my roomie Sharon\’s meal. That we will eventually share. Spell TAKAW.
I love the Ketchup dispensers. Squirt-squirt…
After the delectable feast. You can go shopping again in Anchorpoint, right in front of Ikea. For budget shoppers you can get your Cotton On, Charles and Keith, Billabong on big discounts. These are outlet store branches. So get ready for a shopping adventure. 
I was able to get a Cotton On mullet skirt and shirt for $5 each. A big steal as compared with their mall prices.

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