Villa Escudero

I\’m happy that I was able to celebrate New Year 2013 with my family. This is one of the rare moment that we are all together. As a token of appreciation for my dad who covered my airfare, I decided to treat them to a day trip in Villa Escudero. The place is beautiful! You can literally be in two places at once because they lie in between the San Pablo, Laguna and Quezon province border.
I\’m not on my photo-taking mode so I left it in the hands of my sister. I just used my phone.
First stop: The pink church but museum in the inside. 
Inside is a vast collection of ancient jars, artifacts, war memorials, costumes and a whole lot more.
They also have a wide array of traditional Filipino dresses from the Spanish till American Era
Spoons and Oxfords
I remember making one of the revolution flags when I in highschool
Aling Charing\’s playground. We just felt our inner child bursted out and we had fun riding the merry-go-round horses.
Up next: The ride going to the falls and buffet meal. 
No pimpin\’ required for our ride.She\’s a cool albino carabao (water buffalo). She has a name BTW, Tisay. She\’s a bit camera shy.

We were serenaded by folk songs and OPM. The employees here are courteous, helpful and talented. I think they should be featured in Philippine Tourism ads.

We rode the muscle spasm-inducing bamboo raft. Balance, agility and patience are the key to keep yourself dry.


Siblinghood Bonding 🙂

I think the water is deep I doubt that anyone can swim there.They have adult and kiddie pools available. They have this jacuzzi type of pool as well, perfect for lounging. Don\’t expect any infinity pool. I have to tell you that the pools were clean and well-maintained.

And now the food…

They had me at Peanut Sauce. Really! I didn\’t know it\’s a good combination with salads and grilled fish. Sumptuous but healthy. A lot of food to choose from.

Check out their camera. They still use film. Old school = Cool
Ecosystem and  mini hydroelectric power plant
Unique chandeliers
Like I said, the employees deserve a spot on Philippine Tourism ad. They are trained by Cultural Center of the Philippines. They promote our heritage by showcasing traditional dances and folk songs. They even have the bandurria ensemble.
This is the perfect place to go, especially for balikbayans. For my fellow expats, if you want your children to have a glimpse of our cultural background, this is one of the place to be.
I want to go back here and stay overnight the next time.

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