Kilig ako!

Because my ina-idol na blogger Ms. Chuvaness told me I have great taste…

This comment is my second over the years that I\’ve been reading Chuvaness.
You continue to inspire me, in more ways than one. Fashion/style, on taking photos, blogging, writing, quality vs. quantity principle, family et. al.
At first there are somethings about you that I don\’t understand.  But what I like about you as blogger is your humor. As days went by, I get to know you more through your posts. I\’m hooked. Though I have to admit you had a \”lost blogging mojo\” era. I visit your blog and I find your posts bland. I\’m just glad you\’re back. Your posts are not as much as compared before, I still understand because you have a family. They have to come first. 
More power!

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