Wordless Wednesday – 30

The Everywhere We Shoot Tandem Wedding

Ryan x Garovs | Wedding Same Day Edit from redsheepxxx on Vimeo.

Mich Dulce Gown – Check!
Mich Dulce Hats – Check!
The Groom wearing a skirt over his pants – Check!
The Orange-y Hair – Check!
Mich Dulce Hats for the female entourage – Check!
Coaster bus to bring the bride to the church- Check!
I bet the photography is uber cool especially if the bride and groom are photographers. – Check!
Cool Invitations – Check!
Rock bands during the reception – Check!
Concert-Venue looking reception – Check!

To all future Brides and Grooms. Be creative. You only get married once. Make it memorable and uniquely your own.

Make-up Artistry by Cehcile

All the while, I thought I can do my own make-up ala Princess Katherine. I find it so cool that she was able to manage it by herself. Unfortunately, the wedding jitters made me doubt my not-even-an-amateur-make-up-skills. Good thing, Cathy (my former housemate) recommended me to her churchmate Ate Cehcile. And should I say the rest is history.

Anyone who\’s seen my wedding pic they would always say that my make-up is nothing but gorgeous. It really is! I remember when I met her for our trial make-up she asked me what do I want but she\’s also assertive on suggestions but mainly the client will always have the last say. She\’s meticulous and pays attention to small details. Thus, the result of a radiant and gorgeous me on our special day. I love it and I\’m happy that I made this decision.

Ate I know you will come a long way from here, I can see a bright future ahead for your art and chosen medium. More power to you.

Wedding Make-up Tip:

  1. If you are confident enough to do your own make-up, go ahead. It\’ll surely save you money. If you know how to do make-up but you feel you want to know more about how to do wedding make-up, do some research and study. Browse youtube for tutorials on wedding make-up and hairstyling. Enroll in make-up classes. Do this months before so you could master it before your big day.
  2. Ask for recommendations. Especially if you have friends who got married or if you\’ve seen their make-up look.
  3. Know what you want.  I want simple, yet elegant look on my wedding. That will able to withstand flash photography.
  4. Have a trial make-up session. Its not enough that you\’ve seen a make-up artist\’s (MUA) work. You have to see whether the make-up suits and complement you.
  5. Get the approval of you husband-to-be. I can\’t imagine my husband not looking at me or cringing because he doesn\’t like my look. My husband is quite \’allergic\’ to makapal na make-up. He\’s a firm believer that natural beauty is the most beautiful of all. Good thing he liked it.

Make-up Artistry by Cehcile Facebook page and pictures are from here.

Music Monday: Without You

I\’ve heard of Aj Rafael because he\’s buddies with David Choi, though I\’m not really familiar with his songs. When Jen made our wedding video, I\’m not familiar with the song. I find it unique. Before I knew it, it\’s stuck in my head.
I remember known videographer Jason Magbanua once said, he makes videos that are timeless and worthwhile. Na kahit paulit-ulit mong panoorin ay kikiligin ka pa rin, matatawa or mangingiti ka. Jen, I think you hit the jackpot with this one. And I see a bright future ahead of you and Roy…Keep up 🙂


Relationship Status: Married

The past two weeks has been pure happiness and bliss. I still can\’t get over. It may be short, but its the happiest event in our lives. We decided to make our wedding as a small, unique and an intimate affair. There are are some setbacks but we made it through. All in all, me and my husband are happy with the results.

Here\’s our marvelous wedding video:

Video and Photo by Jen Rivera.

Music Monday: Everything

I heard this the first time from my former multiply.com online buddy. It was one of her favorite song for her daughter. The song is very catchy with a hint of cuteness, gleeful sincerity and lightness. You just have to enjoy every rhythm and beats.

This is what I want for my wedding gleeful and light.