Make-up Artistry by Cehcile

All the while, I thought I can do my own make-up ala Princess Katherine. I find it so cool that she was able to manage it by herself. Unfortunately, the wedding jitters made me doubt my not-even-an-amateur-make-up-skills. Good thing, Cathy (my former housemate) recommended me to her churchmate Ate Cehcile. And should I say the rest is history.

Anyone who\’s seen my wedding pic they would always say that my make-up is nothing but gorgeous. It really is! I remember when I met her for our trial make-up she asked me what do I want but she\’s also assertive on suggestions but mainly the client will always have the last say. She\’s meticulous and pays attention to small details. Thus, the result of a radiant and gorgeous me on our special day. I love it and I\’m happy that I made this decision.

Ate I know you will come a long way from here, I can see a bright future ahead for your art and chosen medium. More power to you.

Wedding Make-up Tip:

  1. If you are confident enough to do your own make-up, go ahead. It\’ll surely save you money. If you know how to do make-up but you feel you want to know more about how to do wedding make-up, do some research and study. Browse youtube for tutorials on wedding make-up and hairstyling. Enroll in make-up classes. Do this months before so you could master it before your big day.
  2. Ask for recommendations. Especially if you have friends who got married or if you\’ve seen their make-up look.
  3. Know what you want.  I want simple, yet elegant look on my wedding. That will able to withstand flash photography.
  4. Have a trial make-up session. Its not enough that you\’ve seen a make-up artist\’s (MUA) work. You have to see whether the make-up suits and complement you.
  5. Get the approval of you husband-to-be. I can\’t imagine my husband not looking at me or cringing because he doesn\’t like my look. My husband is quite \’allergic\’ to makapal na make-up. He\’s a firm believer that natural beauty is the most beautiful of all. Good thing he liked it.

Make-up Artistry by Cehcile Facebook page and pictures are from here.

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