Music Monday: Robyn

As per usual lurking on my FB wall, I chanced upon a friend\’s post a bout some music that she heard. The I got more curious to see as to who sang the song, Robyn. Robyn?! Like , Robyn-Robyn from the 90\’s ?

So I watched the video. Confirmed!

She had reinvented her style. From the teeny-bopper-pop-ish sound to electro-dance-pop-robotic-disco type. Her dancing evolved from pa-cute na pa-sway-sway lang to freestyle-taebo-interpretative dance. I think the only thing that haven\’t changed is her voice and her hair (it\’s always short and blonde). Though I think she had discovered how to utilize more a hair gel and asked more tips from her hairstylist.

But as a 90\’s kid, in my head she\’ll always be Ms. Show Me Love.

Do You Really Want Me…Check out the baggy pants and the hair braid!!! Watching the clip feels like I\’m watching this on Video Hit Parade.

I think this was included in the Fantastic Females or MTV Most Wanted. If my memory serves me right.

Keep up Robyn. Reinvention is a bitch and I hope to hear more from you.

Picture via A.V.O

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