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  • My sister KC created a new blog that serves as her catharsis for everything that is optimistic that happens in her life. She wants to steer away from ranting negativism but instead to express thanks in all the blessings that has come to her/our lives. To celebrate the beauty this life has to offer. (Ang drama ng description ha). She blogged about the places we\’ve been to (which I never had the chance to do).
  1. Dagupan and Baguio Getawayang takas na lakad.
  2. Ang Kwento ni Mang Abe – School Fieldtrip that happened eons ago.
  3. Our Zark\’s Burger Experience.
  4. The best Shawarma in Manila.
  5. A taste of  Swedish food.
  6. The popcorn that made Cha declare the happiest day of her life.
  7. The Potipot Island experience and the recommended accomodation when going there.
  8. Trekking the smallest volcano in the world.
Happy Reading!!!


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