Canyon Cove

My description of this summer vacation:


Really! I felt that I shouldn\’t move at all because even if the bagyo fan is directly blowing in my face. The humidity has gotten into my nerves! Even if we went to Canyon Cove (Nasugbu, Batangas) for that much needed swimming, I couldn\’t appreciate and enjoy that much because of the heat. Don\’t get me wrong, the place is nice and the staff are courteous. Pero nakakainit talaga ng ulo ang init!!!! Tapos hindi pa mahangin kaya ayun Ggggrrrrrr!
But still, I have to look on the brightside. This one of the rare moments that all of us can be together and bond though we are lacking with one family member. Good thing before noon came, the waves are more inviting and splashing. 

Mom wants to try the jet ski…

Look at me my face is usually bungisngis and pa-cute for pictures. But in this picture, it\’s very blank. Ang init kasi e!
My feedback to Canyon Cove, add up some lounge/beach chairs with umbrellas. Especially at the poolside. I was able to relax and look at the clear blue sky lying down on the sand. And we were on a tree shade. It\’ll be nice to experience lounging on most parts of the resort. 
Apps used: Frame magic, Snapseed, PS Express. Forgive me with the editing, pictures weren\’t coherent with the theme. Everything looks lackluster. Pfftt me…
Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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