Music Monday: PhilPop 2013

I\’ve only heard about this PhilPop 2013 when a friend from FB posted an LSS moment with the song
entitled \”Dati.\”

The First Philippine Popular Music Festival is a songwriting competition open to all amateur and professional composers who are Filipinos or of Filipino descent residing in the Philippines. The competition not only aims to celebrate the talent of Filipino songwriting, but to glorify the contributions of songwriters and composers to the Filipino music industry.  SOURCE

The song was beautifully done. Modern, hip and nostalgic. It\’s no wonder they won PhilPop 2013. Congatulations.

Another entry that I noticed was from Mr. Joey Ayala. Who would have thought he\’s still socially relevant into this day and age. During the 90\’s, I was able to hear his songs on FM radio and watched his MVs on MTV (if my memory serves me right). His sound is distinct because he uses Philippines indigenous musical instruments. A soothing voice that goes well with slow songs.
Trivia: I was able to see him in person when I was still a member of the Philippine Gong Orchestra. There\’s a collaboration with UP College of Music\’s Musika Asya and PGO  for a performance in Cuneta Astrodome (o diba performer ako dati LOL). He\’s a simple and cool dude.
I think music writing contests should be done more often. This started in the late 80\’s but then it was held erratically. It\’s an on-off thing. There\’s no consistency, so nothing to look forward to.Staging music festivals are very feasible in our country. Even if we do it twice to quarterly in a year its doable. Though it largely depends on the approach and concept of organizers.
I remember writing about OPM being dead. I\’m wrong. It\’s just obtunded. It severely needs a push, diversity, classification and airtime (in different mediums). At least something to make our kababayans aware what else OPM can offer.

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