Singapore Food Trip: Bao Today

If you\’re in Orchard Road and doing some late shopping. Try stopping by Bao Today for some affordable dimsum treats.

Their place in Somerset is quite small. So I\’ll be guessing they\’re packed during lunch and dinner time. 

I find their service slow even if they\’re not full house.

I ordered their congee. Nothing special. They served it a bit cold. But my former roomie Sharon liked their dimsum. I had a taste of it and indeed it was good. I liked their drinks though. I had the avocado shake and I forgot the name of the blue drink. The blue drink is delicious! It has this bubble gum-like taste that goes well with the longan or lychee on top. Gula Melaka (coconut sugar if I\’m not mistaken) as sweeteners.

I recommend trying their dimsum since it\’s their specialty. The shakes are also great. Service is average. Price range are affordable as compared to the surrounding restaurants available within the Somerset ground floor vicinity. In general, it\’s not really memorable. I would see myself stopping by if I\’m shopping late and I need some food recharging.

Rating 2/5

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