Malacca Food Trip

If I stayed in Malacca for a few days I would have looked like Mr. Stay Puft. The food selections are varied so there are lots to try. I really want to follow the food adventure that Doc Gelo had. Time constraint was my problem. It didn\’t stopped me from appreciating what I stumbled upon.

Jonker Street, the most famous street  in the heritage site offers lots of food choices. It\’s very accessible from the Dutch Square. You can also avail souvenirs from the shops along the way. Please take note that prices here are higher.


1. Hainanese Chicken Rice – Chop Chung Wah
Upon arriving Malacca, I was really hungry, I saw a queue before entering Jonker Street. Turns out it was this famous Chicken Rice Balls.


In fairness I love the taste of their chilli. It\’s not that spicy.

I was disappointed to tell you frankly. It\’s just another Chicken Rice. It was served cold and I don\’t even feel the Chicken Rice taste. It\’s not cheap too.


2. Restoran How Kuai
Located at the far end of Jonker Street. I wasn\’t satisfied with the Chicken Rice, I ended up eating again.


And of course the Cendol Ice Dessert. Too bad I wasn\’t able to try the Nyonya Cendol. But this version will do.

I love how the Gula Melaka made this dessert \”alive\” in appearance and taste. The Cendol and other ingredients are at the bottom. I don\’t like mixing everything even with our (PHL) halo-halo and (SG) ice kachang.

3. Yogurt Ice cream – saw this from a grocery store.

I tried the Chocolate flavor! Not too sweet and doesn\’t melt easily.

I want to buy this but then the tindero and  tindera dinedma ako. It looks like sapin-sapin.

Surprised to see a Hard Rock Cafe in the area. Near the bridge before going to Jonker Street.

I didn\’t know Upin and Ipin  has a  fast-food joint. This animated series has certainly come a long way since airing in Disney Channel Asia.

Given the chance I would love to comeback…I want to try their food circle, a different spin.


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