Things To Do In Phuket

There are lots of activites to do in Phuket. It will highly depend on your interests. Here\’s what we had.

1. Participate in local festivities

We arrived during the Loi Krathong Festival. Too bad we were not able to witness the floating lanterns (darn!). Performances along the beach and Bangla road are available to entertain. Not to mention the colorful decorations all over town were beautiful. Take note: we didn\’t pay anything at all.






2. Thai Massage

I\’m a sucker for a good relaxing massage. There are lots of spa nearby the beach. Prices starts from 250 Baht. It also depends on what kind of massage that you will be having.
A complimentary foot scrub was done before starting.

3. Food Trip!

This was the shopping and food bazaar in Bangla road during Loi Krathong.









My all time favorite Thai dessert: Mango with sticky rice – 80 Baht
Reminds me of gulaman and buko pandan.   

One of the random food joints that we stumbled upon…


Hindi sulit! Ang konti ng serving

4. Elephant Trekking

5. Night Clubs

Night life in Patong is ALIVE and WILD! 
While roaming the streets, we chanced upon this bar in Bangla Road that hosted  the ship that my husband served before he retired.



6. Island Hopping

Two of the most popular island hopping destination is James Bond Island and Maya Bay (\”The Beach\”) . I opted for the latter, I\’m more of a Leo fan.
Little did I know, our boat won\’t be exactly docking in the island. And even if we do, Maya Bay is congested with boats and people.
Make sure when booking a day trip of island hopping, know the  exact details.
If you have your own snorkeling gear, bring it. Tours charge it per hour.


I have to admit, this place is beautiful. I could just imagine, it could have been more serene, peaceful and pristine pre-production of the movie.







7. Hammertime

I just made up the name. I saw this in one area of the mini bars in Patong. It\’s like you strike the nail hard, the deeper it goes through the wood, you win (?!) If anyone knows how this game goes, I stand corrected.


8. Pingpong Show

Curiosity killed the cat (I\’m the cat).
Just google search it. And if you do, these are the critters that came out of the V.

There are lots of activities to choose from, really! There\’s go-kart racing, ATV trekking, para-sailing, jet ski and speed boat rentals. If you want a tailor-made yet affordable suits and formal dresses that will be ready within 24 hours, they have it. My husband got his pants and shirt there.
Phuket is nice but, I didn\’t like it that much. It\’s tiring to go from one place to another. Much of the attractions and must-see places are far. Though I can still see myself coming back, because I want to see James Bond Island but I\’m not in a hurry. I suggest to those who wants to go, research a lot about the place and match it with the kind of vacation you want.  
We all deserve relaxing vacations. Good Luck!

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  1. Beautiful…would love to visit Phuket..thanks for sharing such a nice new to blogosphere…would love to follow you


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