7-Day Nature Photo Challenge

I was challenged (by my friend) Jho to do a Nature Photo Challenge for 7 days in Facebook. Looking for pictures was easy peasy. The real challenge was, maintaining consistency on posting pictures for 7 consecutive days. I skipped 3 days in-between posting😋 .

Day 1 – Mission Trails Regional Park (San Diego, California)


Hang Dau Go Cave
Day 2 – Hang Dau Go Cave (Halong Bay, Vietnam)
Day 3 – Somewhere in my neighborhood
Day 4 – La Jolla Cove (San Diego, California)
Day 5 – Torrey Pines State Beach ( San Diego, California)
Day 6 – Somewhere in the neighborhood
Day 7 – Sunset Cliffs (San Diego, California)


I used iPhone5 except for Day 2 and 3 (taken with Nikon D5100). I used Snapseed for editing.

Frankly speaking, I don’t know the exact objective of this challenge at all. One thing is clear though, it’s always a good idea to spend quality time outdoors. Explore what nature has to offer. I obviously enjoyed and took nice photos.

How about you why do you love spending time outdoors?

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