Music Monday | RIP Prince

Me: Maal! Patay na si Prince.

Mr.Stuvves: OK.

Me: Anong song ni Prince ang gusto mo?

Mr.S: When Doves Cry. For me that’s his best song.

Me: OK. Ang alam ko lang na kanta niya is The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.

Me: E yung Let’s Go Crazy?

Mr. S: O yun! OK din yan

Mr. S: Yung When Doves Cry, sinayaw namin yan nung graduation namin 1986.

Me: Kaya naman pala ako di maka-relate sa kanta, 2 years old pa lang pala ako nun... Yeah! napaghahalataan ang edad. Hehehehehe.

Mr. S: (No response, Just laughed at himself).


What’s your memorable Prince song?



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