Hello 2018

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Out of all the social platforms, my blog is the one I’ve neglected the most. I feel ashamed reading my Hello 2017 post.  I’ve definitely made a lot of vlogs from last year and I’m proud of myself. Making videos is not my forte but many people are watching especially on my FB page.

So how should I approach my blogging game? Mind you, I still enjoy reading blogs and looking at great aesthetics. Hhhmmmm….

I think, I would approach it like my vlog channel. Post 1 blog post in a week. If I’m able to deliver more often than that, great! One thing that’s stressing me the most is the photo editing. As a blog reader, I definitely want to look at something beautiful. I think, the most I can do with my photos, is to make it bright and clear to send a clear message to my readers. BTW, I was able to buy a smaller camera that has great specs (Yey!!!! less back pain).

I will try my best to differentiate my content for each of my platforms. People nowadays gets bored, really fast (aka short attention span).

But then again, I am thankful for the year that has been. I’m back on the work force, I am more in-control now of my wants/needs and people who I don’t want to interact with. I’ve regained “power” on things I SHOULD BE CONTROLLING and not the other way around. My family may have lost a few of our loved ones and gained new members of the family.

I’m definitely ready for 2018. I hope and pray that I will overcome the challenges with grace and gumption.



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