The Sunday Currently || 006

I was busy with other things. I better do something about my blog! I need to plan and set realistic goals 😩.


READING – I just finished The Energy Bus. I like it especially the “energy vampires” part.

WRITING – Nothing at all. Haven’t been blogging!

LISTEN – The ceiling fan sound and my husband snoring.

THINKING – About lots of things: business ideas, my new job, when to buy my moisturizer.

SMELLING – Nothing.

WISHING – I’m a millionaire.

HOPING – I will be just fine in my new job.

WEARING- My good ol’ pambahay.

LOVING – Gourmet bavarian nuts I bought over at the Navy Exchange.

WANTING – To have a home-based job that pays really well 👍🏼🙂.

NEEDING – A massage.

FEELING – Nervous.

CLICKING – Update button to finish this blog post 😜.


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