The Sunday Currently || 005

Finally!!!!! A TSC post after many eons. I was working my ass off the past few months. And now I have the chance of sitting in my PC and write this. Let’s get this started!


READING – Brooklyn Street Style. I love the subjective fashion advice.

WRITING – My to-do list and this TSC!!!!!! Planning on editing some photos to revamp a blog post.

LISTEN – The sound of my speaker system. It’s giving off this gentle clunky sound.

THINKING – Thinking how to accomplish my to-do list for this coming week.

SMELLING – Our bedroom stench. Summer-induced pawis (sweat).

WISHING – My back pain will go away…Like right now!

HOPING – I can go through gracefully the last two weeks at work.

WEARING – Pambahay (house clothes)!!!! The best OOTD IMHO.

LOVING – Lacta Milk Chocolate

WANTING – More of Lacta Milk Chocolate and Leonida’s Praline Chocolate. Oh and Royce chocolates too.

NEEDING – Reflexology Massage. The solution to all my lamig and calcium deposits in my spine.

FEELING – Relieved.

CLICKING – My sister’s Messenger message right after this…




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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently || 005

    1. I like Brooklyn Street Style better than Paris Street Style book. I love a good massage. I’m having this back problem since forever and I have yet to find a good chiropractor nearby. My previous chiro closed their office.

      Take care Heather 😃

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