The Sunday Currently || 012


Hello February!!!!!

READING – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

WRITING – I haven’t finished it. It’s about my nurse life.

LISTEN – Janet Jackson – Together Again. Yeah pang Now 4 Music lang ang galawan 😅.

THINKING – Why am I here?

SMELLING – Room air

WISHING – I want to have more energy!!!!!!

HOPING – I won’t get sick. The weather has been unpredictable the past couple of weeks.

WEARING- PJs!!!!!!!

LOVING – My new desk!

WANTING – To sell more of my stuff. I donated and sold my unused make-up and other things that I don’t need anymore. I always do this  way before that Marie Kondo shizzles.

NEEDING – A stand-up desk

FEELING – I’m in pain. Damn you dysmenorrhea!!!!! And yup, I’m not pregnant.

CLICKING – Candy Crush Saga on Facebook.

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