The Sunday Currently || 013


Lucky 13. We just came back from our day trip to Niland, CA. I posted pics in my ig stories. I will be doing a blog post for that. Hopefully…

READING – I’m not done with Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I’m currently at Chapter 7. After this I have a lot of books lined-up, but I’m thinking of reading the “next level” continuity of this book.

WRITING – None. But I’m thinking of writing a music playlist for certain topics.

LISTEN – My husband watching something over YT. I’m not sure what it is. And oh, the sound of the dryer doing its job.

THINKING – When will I start working again.

SMELLING – I can smell the tea tree oil that I applied on my pesky acne.

WISHING – I am back to my ideal body weight 😅

HOPING – Makauwi sa Pinas soon! I also hope I can find the best editor for my vlog. I’ve talked to someone and hopefully it will work out.

WEARING– PJ’s forever!

LOVING – Sunnies Face Fluffmatte, especially the shade major.

WANTING – My own office and do edits for the vlog.

NEEDING – A massage

FEELING – Fresh. I just showered.

CLICKINGFashion Pulis. For my showbiz chismax 😂. Checking out


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