The Sunday Currently || 014


READING – Finished Rich Dad Poor Dad and Circle of Profit. I have yet to start a fiction novel, the next time around.


LISTEN – Plate clattering behind me.

THINKING – A lot of things. I don’t know where to start.


WISHING – I am back to 160lbs 😅

HOPING – To catch-up the pace at my new workplace.

WEARING- PJ’s on a Sunday of course.

LOVING – My Brookstone Neck and Back Massager. I’ve had it for a while now. I do my massages now at home for as long as I like. This is a great investment for myself.

WANTING – To shop for this shoes. I can’t get it yet for now.

NEEDING – A slow cooker maybe? Instapot? Since I started working again, I come home with no ulam.

FEELING – Light. I now I am overweight now 😅But I feel, my mental state is in the right place.

CLICKING – I will be exploring the Rich Dad website for the first time.


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