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img_3347I was surprised when I found out someone brought Project Pie in Manila. Good job! Way ahead than Singapore, Dubai and Hongkong.

Singapore Food Trip: Soya Galore

I did some revamp for my weekly blogging. Since I was back-logged with lots of pictures from Singapore. I dedicated Friday for Food! Yehey! 
First off we have the Bean Curd Wars…
The soya industry in Singapore is a serious business. It\’s a fierce competition. Unlike taho in Pinas, it is served with caramelized sugar, tapioca and the beancurd. In SG, there are lots of variety available. So if it\’s your first time to try soya SG style it\’ll be a different experience. But it\’s delicious I tell you. First is the syrup. It\’s not caramelized at all but enough to give taste. I\’ve got used to the lesser sugar lifestyle.
I frequent the store because it\’s the same block with our flat. It\’s very convenient especially in the morning when I need my soya milk fix. They have different soya delicacies. Of course, they have the beancurd in different flavors (strawberry, chocolate and plain). They serve it hot/cold and costs 1.10 SGD.
They use Canadian Soybeans. The reason why the soya is smooth and soft. The owner (I\’ve read in a paper article) is a former banker went to Taiwan to master the art of soya. Their store is also a \”factory\” so buyers can see how the Bean curd are made. The place is clean and the storekeepers are very friendly.
Strawberry-flavored Bean Curd
I forgot the name of this food. It\’s interesting because the taste is a bit salty. All the while I thought it was sweet.

2. Mr. Bean

I go to Mr. Bean if I want to eat Mr. Bean Pancake with cheese filling. Delicious!

You can choose the sweetness level of you drinks and shake. I always go for 50% – moderate


I love how their pancake mix, doesn\’t give that moist feel after chewing. Their serving is big and puffy as well even if exposed to the room air. Unlike the ones from Jollibean.

Super favorite: Icy Chocolate Soya Milk Shake

3. Jollibean

Though their pancakes are not my favorites. I love their Iced Dark Chocolate Soy half sugar, my usual order. It\’s either my break time or after morning shift food. They have a stall in my former workplace. I also get to avail of employee discount! The \”aunties\” know me as a frequent customer that seeing me from afar they already know what I like. As if they are reading my mind. I think they \”hate\” me in a way. Because if its lunch time and the queue is long it takes time to make the iced drink. It causes longer queues. But it\’s OK, I still buy from  them hehehe.
The Regular soymilk, they serve it cold without ice if you want it cold. No ice tricks at all. You ask for a regular size it\’s filled to brim. Should I say SULIT!!!!
For tourists/visitors in SG, for a quick on-the-go snack, try their soya selections. It\’s healthy and nutritious. And cheap trick as well. Though for the well-known brands their prices are higher most of the time. But it\’s still worth a try. Though I can\’t confirm if it\’s Halal, the best that you can do is to look for the Halal seal and certification in the store. Better yet, ask the store personnel.

Great reads about the Bean Curd Wars…Click here and here. 



It\’s summer time and the harvest season of my favorite fruit: MANGGA!!! Like what I\’ve mentioned before, Philippine Mangoes are the best. It has this certain sweetness, smell, taste and appearance that is enticing. I\’m not saying this because I\’m Filipino, I say it because its true. Most of my foreigner friends asks me for any mango product everytime I go for vacation in the Philippines. I met some people who\’ve been to the Philippines, they would always mention how delicious our mangoes. 
The picture above is  the mango we bought in Bangkok during our honeymoon. Its just OK for my taste buds. Nothing beats the one that we have at home. 
My ultimate mango dream is eat the BOHOL mangoes. Moreover, I hope that mango exportation would improve and I hope to see it more on SG supermarkets (DOLE Bananas from Davao has it\’s headstart in Fair Price Supermarkets). I think our country has a bright future in mango exportation. I\’m just wondering how come its feels stagnant.