It\’s summer time and the harvest season of my favorite fruit: MANGGA!!! Like what I\’ve mentioned before, Philippine Mangoes are the best. It has this certain sweetness, smell, taste and appearance that is enticing. I\’m not saying this because I\’m Filipino, I say it because its true. Most of my foreigner friends asks me for any mango product everytime I go for vacation in the Philippines. I met some people who\’ve been to the Philippines, they would always mention how delicious our mangoes. 
The picture above is  the mango we bought in Bangkok during our honeymoon. Its just OK for my taste buds. Nothing beats the one that we have at home. 
My ultimate mango dream is eat the BOHOL mangoes. Moreover, I hope that mango exportation would improve and I hope to see it more on SG supermarkets (DOLE Bananas from Davao has it\’s headstart in Fair Price Supermarkets). I think our country has a bright future in mango exportation. I\’m just wondering how come its feels stagnant.

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