Nostalgic Tuesday: Of photography and Auntie Simple

From my sister\’s FB wall post:Our fat cat, Chiyo was scratching on the cabinet doors where old photo albums are kept. I decided to check one album and saw these photos of the 2 year old me with Auntie Simple. It\’s only now that I realized that what my relatives were saying about me is true: payatot daw ako noon. So bakit ngayon hindi na? LOL.
And I commented:Alam ko ito. Ito yung picture na ako ang kumuha. Oi wag ka eto
ata yung SLR na gift ni dad kay mom. Infernez, alam ako na ang 
rule of thirds…hahaha tapos naalala ko pa kinagabihan pagbalik 
ni mom sa trabaho…Sino gumamit ng kamera?! Si ninang sabay turo 
sa akin hahahahaha laglagan kung laglagan hahahahha tapos sabi ni 
mom grabe ang daming nasayang anim na kuha…
* This is the time back then that developing a film is not cost-effective
And now it looks like its only Ninang\’s memories are that\’s left 
to us…

I\’m sorry if I couldn\’t be there to see you for the last time. You\’ve always been so proud of us. KC is right, you are our stage mother. You never fail to encourage us when we\’re down, make us laugh with your crazy antics and just be yourself. Life must go on as they say but all the happy memories that you left us will remain. 

I know you\’re in a better place now. We\’ll miss you alot T_T

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